It’s All About The Squash!

Look at these!” I happily exclaimed when showing my  Farmer the mini mountain of summer squash heaped on the plate ready for my chopping skills. I received a “look.” Now  if you are a gardener living with non-gardeners, well then, let’s say you have experienced the “look” too. But that didn’t matter, this was exciting and unexpected after such a long rainless early summer.  Hours of watering the raised beds and larger garden, while keeping the plants alive, had done little to gain an abundance of fruits and veggies. I was  wondering as others posted pictures of their garden bounty on Twitter and INstagram if we would have anything to show. The dirt was parched and  a tug-of-war  was going on  between plants and earth, with water being the rope.  Sadly the plants were on the loosing end.

zuc 2

Then it happened! The moderate drought we’ve had in July welcomed  nice soaking rains mid August.  The past two weeks, we’ve had rain showers with temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s. Hello humidity and the growing season! Most if not all of the garden plants are now kicking into overdrive and look healthy!

zuc 1

Black Beauty  and a surprise Cocozelle zucchini were the first squash to get picked.


So many blooms on all the Crookneck Early summer squash plants.

bb buternut

Waltham butternut squash are about the size of a cantaloupe.  And all the  pumpkin varieties  are staring to turn orange. Many of the plants shown Vine Borer damage, and required  larvae removal. Squash bugs have been few and confused by the tall grasses growing around the perimeter of the large  garden.

zuc 3

You never really know what will thrive in your garden from year to year. Summer 2016 is all about the squash. Some a bit early, some a tad late,  and  most to be enjoyed over the winter months to come. This batch now in the freezer  will go into soups. And while my Farmer may not get excited about the bounty of squash on my plate, he will be very happy when supper is served.

From our farm to your home,



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